Making mistakes and taking wrong steps are the most common problem among us. But, when your wedding day knocking at the door, at that time, making a blunder directly affects your bridal looks. When the nuptial day is just at a week distance, you need extra beauty regimen for the most bewitching and head-turning beauty of you. So, if you want to look the most beautiful version of yourself ever, of course, at first you need to know the beauty tips 1 week before wedding that surely help you to know what you need to do right now.

Best beauty tips 1 week before wedding

Fitness: Before the wedding, at first, you need to keep your body fit. Make a routine and include an hour for work out as a part of your beauty scheme. It will help you to get younger looking skin and shape up your body and also alleviate the pre nuptial oppress.

Get a healthy glow with facial: One week before the nuptials, you must deserve a perfect facial. It will make your skin intuition noticeably softer, smoother and clearer. But you need to stay away from invasive procedures such as laser treatments, chemical products, and injections.

Block the sun: It is highly recommended to stop going outdoors, especially when, your wedding just a week away. Apply sunscreen at least SPF 25 rich, when you are going to face the sun, outside.

Start exfoliating: The skin exfoliating removes dead skin cells and gives you a fresh face and velvety feel always. You can make a homemade hygienic scrub for exfoliating mixed with honey and lemon drops.

Be a sleeping beauty: Working over time, inward stress and lack of sleep may result in dark circles under eyes and puffy eyes. Sound sleep can be a special esoteric way of your beauty so, make sure a sound sleep before seven days of your wedding.

Make a diet plan for healthy skin: Every bride needs to follow an efficient diet plan in a week before the nuptials. Add protein, fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet plan. Add good fats which, helps to ensure your glowing skin and vibrant look. Olive oil, nuts, and seed are the best source of good fats. Ingest more anti-inflammatory food items that help to control your blood sugar.

Limit food like chocolate: Another significant point is that you must avoid any food items which may invade your skin and it’s a part of wedding beauty regimen. Chocolate is one of them and it may cause blemishes on the skin before 7 days of your wedding.

Focus on your lip: Need extra care of your lips every night by applying lip balm, Vaseline or moisturizer. You can go to a salon where you can get special lip treatments that focus on exfoliating, moisturizing and invigorate your lips.

Have a hair plan: For an extra glossy finish of your hair in your wedding, you need the special extra care of your hair. You can go to the salon for special treatment of your hair.

The most special day of your life and the day of your dreams have come true. Start your bridal journey with best looking yourself ever. Beauty tips 1 week before wedding will help you best looking. You can get a complete guideline that will help you pass over any possible beauty blunders.

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    Very nice article dear. You explained very well about all beauty tips which is used before one week wedding. I found all your tips are so useful. Thank you so much, dear.

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