Baldness is well known as androgenic alopecia in medical terms and almost 85% men (1 out of 4) affected by it when they reach 50. Male pattern baldness is a widespread type of hair loss and it starts with hair loss above the forehead generating the typical “M” shape that occurs when as they get older. More than 95% causes of hair losses due to male pattern baldness is a genetic characteristic and in the rest of 5%, it can be the deficiency of protein, due to certain medications and lack of vitamins.

If you already experienced with male pattern baldness and don’t feel better and comfortable with your appearance, you can try best hair fall treatment for men.

Best hair fall treatment for men

Hair transplant surgery: During a hair transplant surgery, tiny patches of hair have moved the back of the head where they are resistant to DHT and placing them on the scalp to the balding area. This surgery is usually done by several steps and those can be expensive but the results of the surgery are very effective and permanent. Though this method is very effective, but it causes scarring and bleeding and there is a risk of infection after the hair transplant.

Try Minoxidil

Minoxidil is an FDA approved topical treatment which is not only treated to male pattern baldness but also it was originally developed to treat high blood pressure. It is a best hair fall treatment for men among others method. It’s the best solution of baldness that stimulates the hair follicles which causes a thicker strand of hair grow and apply Minoxidil directly on your scalp. Minoxidil appears to enhance the growth period of hair, which results in longer hair and a higher number of hair strands and hair follicles. It has some side effects such as blurred vision, chest pain, skin rash, acne, fainting and irregular heartbeat, itching etc., but if you used this drug properly it will be safe and effective. To get best results use this regularly.


Finasteride is an oral prescription pill and it’s used to treat male pattern baldness and somewhat more effective than minoxidil. This drug was originally originated to fight against prostate cancer. It works by binding to the enzyme that works for decreasing DHT in the scalp. DHT is responsible for thinner hair follicles so, by decreasing the levels of DHT, it’s possible to prevent hair fall and increasing hair growth.


Best hair fall treatment for menTherapies for hair fall often involve combinations of many other things such as drugs, ointments, creams, shampoos and so on. Other therapies for hair fall problem involve meetings with hair and scalp specialists. Some companies specialize in hair treatments for men and women but especially for men. They typically offer services to help work out the best course of action to take and tailor treatments to reduce hair fall problem based on the individual man’s needs.

Wigs and pieces

In some cases, hair fall problem may be a permanent or long-term process. Most of the men prefer a nonmedical method to treat hair fall problem. Wigs and hairpieces have many advantages enormously in the past few years. If the baldness is occurring by a medical condition or illness, the cost of a wig and hairpieces may also be covered by the person’s insurance provider although this way isn’t permanent solution for baldness.

Hair loss shampoo for men: Hair fall in men occurs with the passage of time of their age. It’s a nature of human body but you can prevent hair fall problem if you want. The chemical hair products that you use can aggravate the hair fall problem so avoid using artificial shampoos and gels that contain toxic and harmful elements. So, try to use natural hair products.

Herbal oil

Use good quality of herbal oil to massage your scalp at least twice a week. It increases your blood circulation of your scalp. Leave it thirty to 45 minutes and wash your hair with natural shampoo and don’t rub your hair, try to dry it in a natural way with a soft and clean towel. Brush your hair when it will be dry because wet hair can injure the hair follicle.

Egg oil (Eyova) or coconut oil: Using your fingertips, massage coconut or egg oil on your scalp in small circular motions. Keep in mind, that rub or cares hard against the hair roots is not a right way. Just use your fingertips very smoothly and gently at least twenty times for every section of the scalp. Apply this method twice a week.


From the 1980’s, Rogaine was the first brand as a hair regrowth treatments. But in the 90’s, many new generic hair growth minoxidil brands began appearing on the market and for this reason plummeting the price down. Rogaine is a well known, well tried and trusted minoxidil brand. Liquid and foam, both versions of Rogaine work equally goodly. But many men prefer the topical aerosol because it’s faster and easier to apply.

Derma Roller

The Derma Roller is a small but very effective plastic roller with abundant small needles which specially designed to improve skin and help to treat hair fall by rolling it on the affected area. Actually, the Derma Roller was just a part of skin care tools but it used on the scalp in accompanies with minoxidil. It is inferred to work is causes minor damage to your scalp skin so that it starts to heal and regenerate your hair fall problem. It should enhancement collagen and it helps better cherish nutrients area. If you want to use Derma Roller I suggest you don’t use it more than once a week. If you can use this in a right way then it will be the best hair fall treatment for men.

It is a truth that losing your hair continuously can death your self-esteem and reduce your self-confidence. If you want to get rid of baldness then you need to take special hair care and perhaps you can find your solution from this article “Best hair fall treatment for men”.

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