Being a woman, it is too awful when your body scented awfully. Your beauty, clothing, and etiquette go in vain when your presence is not welcome due to the unwanted smells. Strong body odor causes a nuisance to some women’s lives, as olfactory properties is a signature of an individual’s personality.

Body odor is an important aspect of mate selection. As we see among the animals, they recognize their partner, their children by smelling their odor, human also prefers their partners by smelling. Actually, the scent of your body tells your life history, what lifestyle you choose, what ambiance surrounds you and what you eat. So, maintaining a good body scent becomes a part of your beauty regime. If rubbing of body soap over hundred times cannot erase the odor, you need to know what causes body odor even after bathing.


 The reasons for a chronic body odor

Human possesses three different type of skin glands naming as sebaceous, eccrine and apocrine. Sebaceous and eccrine do not play any major role in producing body odor, except apocrine which is situated in the genital areas, armpit and face. When apocrine gland creates fresh perspiration, it is odorless until it functions with bacteria. The overgrowth of bacteria in the skin folds creates the bad smell. Bacteria can be reduced naturally by a regular shower. We notice some women claim my skin smells bad even after taking a daily shower. So, I point out some issues which affect your body odor:

  1. Food habit determines body scent

As we know that our dietary habit impact on our appearance, it also creates an impact on our olfactory properties. Whatever we eat is metabolized in the liver. The liver produces acid which causes smell when we sweat. An excessive consumption of some food and beverage leads to release of some acids what causes body odor even after bathing.

  • We might notice the body odor of an alcoholic person. It is not only for his oral odor. The over-consumption of alcohol creates acetic acid in the liver and it releases through the sweat. A regular consumption of wine causes chronic body odor.
  • Medical research has marked that the non-vegetarian eaters suffer from body odor problem compared to the pure vegetarians. Consumption of meat and fish forms acetic acid in the digestive systems and it releases an odor when it comes out of the skin pores.
  1. Body odor is the determinant of the hidden diseases

When you smell bad and overdosing of perfume cannot hide that smell, you should be a concern for your health checkup. Certain medical conditions that cause body odor like Diabetes, Thyroid and Kidney dysfunction.

  • A diabetic patient develops a metabolic state called ketoacidosis which produces internal body odor. When the blood sugar increases or is not regulated properly, creates more pungent smell in the diabetic patient.
  • Being a normal metabolic person, if you still have body odor after a shower, it may be caused by the dysfunction of the kidney. As we know kidney removes all our internal toxins, malfunctioning of the kidney can pile up that toxins what causes body odor even after bathing.
  • Excessive body odor also gives an indication of a thyroid problem which is medically addressed as hyperthyroidism. When your thyroid gland becomes overactive, it creates excessive sweat causing a bad smell in the body. Body odor disease symptoms like kidney damage can lead to a life-threatening condition.
  1. The side effect of drugs

We know that some group of drugs can create side effect such as nausea, vomiting, shaking of body, drowsiness, also it can be an important factor in determining your body smell. What we eat, our body absorbs and reflect that. If you notice a sudden change in body odor when you start to take any particular medicines, you need to consult your doctor before taking any decision. Some group of medicines is prone to create a change in the metabolism system that affects the normal sweating. An over sweating supplies food to the bacteria what causes body odor even after bathing.

Remedies to cure body odor permanently

You may collect a number of how to get rid of body odor home remedies on the internet, like – splashing apple cider vinegar on the armpit area, waxing underarm, bathing on Epsom salt water etc.  Daily washing of cloths can prevent the overgrowth of bacteria on the skin. Also, using a good perfume can hide your body odor for a long hour of a day. In spite of maintaining all these regimes, if you fail to hide your awful body mist, you should take serious notes on how to cure body odor permanently.what causes body odor even after bathing

  1. Changing of food habit

Changing of your dietary habit is the first and foremost solution included in your body odor treatment. Embracing of green vegetables can reduce your body smell. As greenery food contain chlorophylls which absorbs the constituents cause odor.

  1. Drinking adequate water

Sweating is the natural phenomenon in the body. Bacteria is the main culprit because its presence induces body odor. Lack of hydration is another reason what causes body odor even after bathing. Drinking an adequate quantity of water can drain out the toxins which take part in bacteria formation.

  1. Choose to clothe accordingly

If you are seriously fighting with the body odor trouble, following this regime may helpful to you. You have to choose clothes what suits your skin health. Oily skin produces more sweat in contacts with the synthetic cloth material. Wearing cotton cloth will allow your body to be odor-free.

You may blame sweating due to the awful smell of your body. You might be surprised to know that sweat is actually odorless because it is composed of only water and salt. People usually take showers to wash off this water and salt as a remedy to this trouble. The above aspects what causes body odor even after bathing will help you to monitor your own body scent. Apart from this external factors, medical science says emotional imbalance affect the natural scent of our body, as it controls our brain which regulates the secretions from skin glands. So, you may take care of your mind, soul and body to get rid of this trouble.

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