Weight loss can be an elusive dream for many of the dieters who have struggled for months and months, enduring rigorous diets and spending hours at the gym. What such people really need to know about is HCG diet, the magical diet protocol that brings amazing results in just a few weeks. And what’s more surprising is the fact that the diet is easy to follow. So if you are looking to lose as much as 1-2 pounds a day without starving yourself, here is all that you need to know about this wonderful diet protocol.

HCG Diet: The Magic That Really Works

HCG diet was first introduced by a British doctor, Dr ATW Simeons in the early 1950’s and it has come a long way since then. The diet protocol is based on the weight loss benefits of the HCG hormone, a hormone naturally synthesized in the human body. Primarily, this hormone is responsible for regulating metabolism and is secreted in greater amounts during pregnancy to fulfill the metabolic needs of the growing fetus. Since it is capable of boosting the metabolic rate, it can promote the weight loss process when administered as a supplement. This is the very principle on which the HCG diet works.

HCG diet is a combination protocol that comprises a low-calorie diet along with the administration of HCG hormone in the form of drops, injections, pills or sprays. The plan is followed in three phases:

Phase 1 or the loading phase: This is the phase when you are allowed to take a high-calorie diet so that your body is prepared for the rigors of what lies in the subsequent phases. This phase lasts for only two days and is the shortest of the three phases.

Phase 2 or the core phase: The longest and most crucial phase of HCG diet is the core phase, which lasts between 26 and 46 days depending on individual circumstances. During this phase, you will be permitted a maximum of 500 calories in a day, all made of low-fat foods like fruits, vegetables, lean protein and bread. Along with the low calorie diet, you have to take HCG, mostly in the form of drops. A dose of 6-8 drops thrice a day is recommended for the best results. This is the phase when you shed the maximum amount of weight, averaging 1-2 pounds a day.

Phase 3 or the maintenance phase: The third phase is the maintenance phase, when the body is put in the maintenance mode so that it continues to lose weight even after you stop taking the HCG drops. This phase continues for almost 3 weeks and allows you a daily calorie consumption of 800-1000 calories.

You can approach an HCG expert for a personalized protocol or fine out more at trusted websites like www.hcgdiet.com. Also, you need to make sure that you buy high-quality HCG drops from a reputed pharmacy or a trusted online seller like this one. Now that you are all geared up with adequate knowledge and information about this diet protocol, it is time to start and get magical results. But before that, you need to know what to expect realistically from the plan.

HCG Diet: What should be your expectations?

With all the hype and dieters vouching for the impressive results of HCG diet, it is easy to fall prey to over-expectation. But it is better to be reasonable and grounded so that you do not get disappointed if the results are not as great as you want them to be. There are people who say that they have lost pounds and pounds in just a few weeks and there are others who are not as lucky. After all, every dieter is different and will get different results even if they follow a same plan as others do. Here are some tips that would help you in being realistic about your expectations:

See the big picture: A majority of people are so obsessed about the hype about the diet that they tend to lose the sight of the big picture. Not losing weight as expected during the first few days sends them in frenzy and they are tempted to give up. To deal with something like this, you must realize that good thing may take time to come. The secret is to be patient and keep trying because HCG definitely gets results though they may take some time in a few cases. Don’t let the number on the scales worry you on a daily basis. Rather, give your body some time to get it aligned so that you start losing weight sustainably as the diet plan progresses.

Do not expect consistency: You may have heard a lot of dieters claiming to have lost 1-2 pounds a day with HCG diet but these are just average counts. Do not expect consistency in results and the same amount being lost one every single say because as said before, every dieter is different. There are people who start by losing 2 pounds a day and then gradually settle for a pound a day. And there are others who lose nothing initially and then suddenly step up with miraculous figures as the plan progresses. With HCG, there is nothing like one-size-fits-all and you cannot commit to numbers. Just be realistic in your expectations and you will have good things coming.

Understand the importance of adherence: Adherence to the protocol has a far-reaching impact on the results you get with the diet. After all, you cannot expect to get optimal benefits if you keep skipping the doses every other day. Similarly, having “cheat days” can be equally baneful for the results of the diet. And if you feel that you are feeling deprived or are not getting the optimal results, try adjusting your dose. You can consult an expert to come up with a tailored strategy formulated just for you.

Know about other factors that may impact the results: It is natural to expect good results if you are following the diet plan stringently. At the same time, you should realize that you can do something extra to improve them with additional efforts. For instance, you can follow an exercise plan to give an extra push to your weight loss program, though it is not conventionally a part of the program. However, make sure that you do not overdo it, considering the fact that you are already in a super low-cal diet. Moderate activity like walking and yoga may also bring extensive benefits. Besides exercise, make sure that you get plenty of sleep so that you can make up for the energy deficits that are associated with a low calorie intake. Additionally, it is important to add variety to the diet so that you can enjoy it and stick to it easily throughout the protocol.

Finally, realize that you can control your body only to a certain extent!

A very important thing to realize is that you can control your body but only up to a certain limit. Setting targets is a good approach but you need to ensure that these targets are realistic and you do not end up torturing yourself. After all, HCG diet plan, or any other one for that matter, is meant to help you to lose weight and get healthier rather than end you up with a series of different health issues. Losing weight is important but it should not be at the cost of losing your health in the long run.

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