For once in your life, you had the opportunity of receiving something that really matters to you, like a wedding ring for example. But there are some unexpected things that happened and eventually led to letting go. It may have been a broken promise, getting a new one, or even financial issues. Now to make it useful afterward is to simply sell your wedding ring.

What do you have to keep in mind when trying to sell your wedding ring? Here is some best way to sell wedding ring.

Use your best picture of your ring

How to sell a wedding ringGet the best picture of your ring and post it on classified ads online. This will answer the first questions for people who will look at it. This will also attract buyers to your product. Keep in mind that good advertisement will get as many buyers as possible.

Wedding rings are by far one of the most expensive rings ever created. It’s not just about the diamonds, it’s not just about the cut, it also includes the emotions that both of them felt for each other. That is why it is only natural for them to think that it is very expensive.

Create personal statements

If you start making and selling rings, you will certainly have a lucrative business. Such products are highly in demand due to their aesthetic value and exceptional features. These days, everything is similar and mass-produced. You will see that creatively made items are very rare. Nonetheless, a lot of individuals still like to enhance their personal styles and create personal statements. They want to stand out from the crowd. And what else can make them fashionable and unique other than accessories?

Visit any regular jewelry

When you sell a tungsten wedding band which last forever, you shouldn’t just visit any regular jewelry shop or a pawnshop to have them appraised. Do a little research on how to sell wedding ring. Most people just go to pawn shops to get it over with. They are satisfied with the so called appraisals that they get from these local stores. They don’t know that they could have done better and might have gained a higher price for their rings.

There is no concrete rule that jewelry shops and pawnshops will buy your ring for what its worth. They will just give you a price, which you will think is acceptable and you might even congratulate yourself for the right choice you made.

There are a lot of people that have successfully sold their jewelry online and are able to gain bigger profits, when compared to the appraisals that you get on your local shop. It may bad to say that it is easier and safer to sell wedding ring online.

Ask recommendations

Ask your friends for some recommendations and always be careful when it comes to the actual trading. Scam sites are everywhere and you should at least check the authenticity of the online store that you are planning to sell your jewelry.

Know the price to sell

Has your ring checked by a jeweler for you to know the price range it will fall into? Have it check the size and its condition. This will allow you to have an idea on how much it will cost when you sell it. Get a decent jeweler to check it out for you. Its price may not be the same price when you bought it but at least you can get at least sixty percent of its original cost. This is not bad for a second hand deal.

Present decent papers

Have the papers for your engagement ring ready, if there is any. Buyers will ask for the paperwork and presenting decent papers will definitely give you a higher possibility of selling it. If you don’t have papers for it, you can have it re-certified.

You always have a choice in life, you can either choose to part with your ring or you can just keep it for safekeeping. Either way, you can always sell a wedding ring when you think that the time is right, for you to let go of the love that is still clinging in the hidden corners of your heart.

If a local jeweler has earned a reputation as a good seller of fine jewelry, those who are planning to be hitched for sure would have their rings customized and made by them. Imagine how many potential customers one would have in a year and not just one ring but two.

Lastly, ask yourself “Am I ready to sell my wedding ring? “Make sure that you have really decided to sell it. It is not really a good experience for you or your buyers if you just cancel the deal because you are not really ready to let it go. These are just a few reminders when you sell an engagement ring. Try what works best for you and good luck!

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  • Amy Aed

    I don’t currently plan on selling my ring, but I can really see how all these points would add up to result in an easy sale.

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