Often every man follows a routine of spending most of the time in a day staying outside. In an atmosphere which is filled with pollution, dust, ultraviolet rays of the sun, and other particles which are not only harming your health but also the skin is getting affected the most. Thus, it is advised to follow certain men’s facial tips at home available which can be considered by the mass to stay refreshed and beautiful.

Discussed here are some kind of face beautifying packs which if used correctly can offer various benefits. We have tried to pull up those ingredients which can be found in your kitchen, and they don’t have any chemical effects involved as they are completely natural substances. They would help you preserve the optimal state of every kind of skin, i.e., dry, oily, combined and regular.

1. Face pack for men using lemon and honey

Those who are eager to get fairness and the minimum skin lightening effect should be in their face should make use of this face pack. In this pack, lemon juice is used, and the possible benefit which can be gained through it is that it will keep the skin oil free and refreshed; moreover, it lightens the skin if regularly used around the face and neck. You might be thinking that lemon is acidic in nature so how could it be beneficial for skin? The answer is that lemon is mixed with honey and honey controls the acidic nature of lemon and makes this pack suitable for any kind of skin.

Direction to go ahead with the preparation of this pack which is included in men’s facial tips at home

  • In a small container take the juice of lemon around 1 tablespoon and mix with the same quantity of honey.
  • Now blend both of these ingredients properly and then apply on face rubbing it gently.
  • Now let it stay on the face for around 20 minutes and then use regular water to wash the face.
  • Remember not to use warm water on your face.

2. Skin whitening face pack with Oatmeal and tomato juice mixture

While giving advice on men’s facial tips at home oatmeal is often suggested as it provides the best procedure to mildly scrub the skin and remove the dead skin layer. It is a common idea that our skin gradually develops a dead skin layer which is just because men always stays outside and is exposed to the sun which often becomes the cause of the skin turning dark due to skin tanning. If we can remove the layer, then this activity will help you to get a fair look. The work of tomato juice is to remove the suntan from the skin.

How to prepare this pack which can be included in men’s face pack for glowing skin

  • Take oatmeal one tablespoon and tomato juice around 3 tablespoon
  • To get the tomato juice, cut a tomato then take one-half of it and squeeze it. The juice will be poured out and you will get some seeds with the juice, but it is not a problem, let it be there.
  • Mix them properly and keep it for 5 minutes this is done to help the oatmeal to consume the tomato juice, and it becomes soft.
  • Mash the oatmeal after 5 minutes and then apply it on the face as a face pack.
  • Let it be on your skin for 20 minutes then wash your face.
  • Follow this procedure of using it and at least use the kit for not less than 3 times in a week. It suits every skin type.

3. The pack prepared by mixing Multani mitti and orange juice

mens-facial-tips-at-homeMultani mitti plays a vital role in the preparation of men’s face pack for glowing skin as it converts the oily acne prone skin to healthy skin. Often you can find Multani mitti is used in face packs and this is just because it is an active agent which removes extra dirt, grease, and oil from face. Also, it gives the skin a whitening look and also stops the growth of pimples.

Direction to make this men’s facial treatment

  • Fuller’s earth is a name in which the Multani mitti is also known you should take about one tablespoon of the item in a bowl.
  • Mix some orange juice with it and then mix both of them to prepare a paste.
  • It might happen that you do not have orange juice in your place, at that point in time you can also add sugar cane juice or lemon juice is also worthy.
  • After making the mixture ready apply it on the face and after 20 minutes wash it with regular water.

4. Use the skin of banana and papaya

Papaya and banana are used to prepare a face pack which has all the ability to give you a fresh and charming look and it suits every skin type. It a kind of face pack which is appropriate for removing dryness of the face. Banana is helpful in healing the dry skin and often adds the glow to the rough skin of men. Papaya is known for keeping the skin melanin under control and gives a lighter complexion to your face. Now you might want to know the actual effects of melanin? The melanin is a skin agent which is accountable for making a skin dark and eventually makes a darker complexion.

How to increase fairness naturally at home using papaya and banana

  • Take a piece of papaya and banana
  • Blend them and honey should be added with them
  • Apply this mixture on a clean face and leave it for 20 minutes
  • Then wash your face with normal water
  • Use this for 3 times in a week.

5. To whiten the skin use besan and sugar cane face pack

Glycolic acid is found in sugarcane, and this is the exact thing which makes the face pack prepared using sugar cane a good pack for skin whitening. Mix besan with sugar cane and make a medium paste. The paste should not be too much thick or extremely liquid in nature as this will be a problem for applying this on the skin of your face. The mix made should be applied evenly throughout your face and let it be there for 20 minutes. After the mentioned time frame you will notice that the mixture has dried and then wash your face with regular water.

Every man stays busy, packed up with work and various responsibilities. It is not easy for them to find some time for their own. Following these men’s facial tips at home, everyone can get a handsome and fabulous look, and these procedures will not consume too much of your time. Thus, it is suggested to everyone that makes some time for you to remain handsome.

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