Often we see that most of the men’s are having oily skin, it is not a blessing rather it is a kind of problem which often lead to acne and blackheads. To keep always your skin hydrated presence of some oil is mandatory, but an excess of it is a problem. However, new and comfortable procedures have been found which would help everyone. Discussed here are few oily skin care tips for men. If a person follows the mentioned procedures, then unnecessary oils presence in the face will not exist.

According to science sebaceous glands are having their presence underneath your skin. They are accountable for releasing natural lubricants called sebum throughout the face to protect it from drying. Apart from this, there is also a hormone present which is called as dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and this is present throughout the body which often gives you a recognition of man. The problem starts when the body starts producing DHT in a higher quantity which often results in excessive sebum production, the skin appears filled with oil and greasy.

Though it is a kind of problem as everyone knows that every difficulty has assured solutions, the same thing goes here. We would like to let everyone know the technique to avoid oily face naturally.

1. Follow a routine which has skincare specified

Oily skin care tips for menWhen a person realizes that he has oily skin, then he should observe that with their elders as this can be a genetic issue. If it is so then without any second thoughts, try to maintain a regular habit of cleaning your which would be the best way to get rid of the oily face. If you are worried about the way to keep your skin clean, then only try to take the help of a face wash. Regularly if anyone cleans the face with any kind of cleanser, then it will give numerous benefits. Most importantly these come under oily skin care tips for men so you should continue doing this.


2. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing is essential

Generally, we are accustomed to seeing women doing all this, but for a man, it is also needed. It is simply because boys follow a regular routine of staying outside doing their work or performing any other activity. And it is the sole reason which makes them always exposed to car exhaust, cigarette smoke, and other pollutants present in our environment. Men are more prone to have oily skin which is the main reason of these waste products to stick on their face which eventually damages the skin. Thus, they really need to take face care for oily skin. Thus, clean your face then apply a toner (for which you can use rose water) and use a moisturizer to prevent dull, dry, and cracked skin.

3. Always try to avoid soaps

Dryness can a lot depends on the usage of harsh soap bars. Generally, soaps are terrible which causes damage to your skin by stripping the natural fats and natural balance from your skin. It is the primary cause of skin becoming dry which repeatedly produces more oil and sebum and generates skin issues. Make use of glycerin or gel-based cleansers as men’s oily face treatment.

4. Exfoliating the skin is very necessary

To eliminate skin cells which are dead and have clogged the pores which support the generation of acne and blemishes, you should exfoliate your skin as it is counted under oily skin care tips for men.Make a habit of regularly scrubbing or exfoliating the skin.And for this activity try to use facial scrubs or skincare items which has glycolic acid or alpha hydroxyl acids present. After exfoliation always make a habit of using moisturizer as a good skin care therapy.

5. Use clay packs as healthy skin tips for men

To remove excess of sebum or oil try face packs which have clay or mud, as it guarantees removal these particles from the surface of the skin. Mud or clay is renowned for having the ability to absorb oil from the face without making it dry. Often you would be able to hear from skin specialists that they are suggesting the use of mud or clay mask 1-2 time in a week, it also keeps the pores clean.

6. Sunscreen is recommended

Every man has this habit of ignoring sunscreen,but it is very essential for a person to apply sunscreen which has SPF 30 as a minimum amount of constituent present in it. Obviously, if you are a man, then you have to fulfill responsibilities, perform every duty and attend office. So, naturally, you will be wide-open to consume the sun rays. And the interesting fact is that you would also digest the heat, but it is not going to create a problem for you the trouble is observed with the sun rays. The sun rays spoil the texture and color of your skin, and to reduce the damage caused by sun rays sunscreen is vital. Thus, when you are planning to go outside before 15 minutes apply sunscreen to the body parts which will remain open to ingest the rays of the sun. As an oily skin care tips for men you are can freely use this technique because if you are having oily skin then the rays generating from the sun would affect your skin in a very tough manner.

7. Do not always touch your face

While you are outside various objects surrounds you, and certain circumstances arise that you require to contact them. You touch them, and after touching it the dust or other particles present on it sticks to your hand. And for an oily face whenever you touch your face without washing the dust particles comes in contact with your face and becomes the reason for pimples and acne. If you already have a pimple then repeatedly touching it would result in a creation of scar in your face.

Few oily skin care tips for men are illustrated here if anybody follows these artless and stress-free procedures, then he can be free of worries, regarding face. Many are also there, but the most vital ones are pinpointed out here. Hope you will find them helpful!

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