You don’t find a shortcut way to grow your hair faster; enviably long and healthy hair just happens. Fortunately for you, there are still lots of ways to spur your hair to grow fast, and also to make it healthier and stronger. Massaging your scalp or applying special hair treatment or taking extra care-all are good bets. Whether your hair isn’t growing as long or as quickly as you’d like or want, these pro tips would definitely help you to make your hair grow longer and faster. You should make sure you have patience, make a great effort and do some deliberate variation to our hair care routine.

Tips to make your hair grow faster

1. Trim your hair frequently

Though it may seem counterintuitive, if you want long and healthy hair you need to get regular trims. Trims can’t make your hair grow faster but you can get rid of split ends that break your hair badly. You can trim your hair every 3 months later.

2. Distribute natural oil in your hair

Going to bed with disheveled hair may seem imposing and tempting when you are very tired. But only to give your hair some quick strokes before sleeping it can be of great help for your hair health. Starting to use natural oil at your scalp and a boar bristle brush to distribute oil equally in your scalp, the habit will help your hair to get naturally moisturized. This simple step of every night would increase your blood circulation which contributes to making your hair grow faster.

3. Eat healthy food

Having long and healthy hair just doesn’t depend only on which product or products you put on your hair, it also depends on your food habit which is what you put into your body. Try to increase your protein part in your food, like fish, fat-free meat, beans, nuts, and grains. Drink more water and eat fresh fruits.

4. Avoid heat styling tools

Stop over-styling your hair because it may damage your natural hair. If you have to use heat or hair dryer, we strongly recommend you to decrease the dryer temperature and to use a heat protectant, otherwise there is a risk of damage to your hair.

tips to make your hair grow faster5. Skip the daily shampoo

Maybe you are familiar with all the praise and testimonial of shampoos. But do you know how and why it is actually helpful for your hair? Only two or three times a week you can use it so that it can remove a surplus of oil, itching, and dandruff from your hair. Don’t use the same product for the long period.

6. Use conditioner

If your hair is dry or even damp, you have to condition it. Regular use of conditioner after ringing out shampoo makes your hair moisturized, protects your hair from UV rays, prevents your hair damage and helps to grow your hair fast.

7. Sleep on a silk pillowcase

It is really possible to get better and longer hair just in your sleep by only switching up your pillowcase. Silk is easier and comfortable for hair. It avoids tangles and prevents breakage.

Finally most important is that you make sure you take extra care of your hair to avoid damage. Damaged, unhealthy and weak hair tends to break and won’t help you at all if you are trying to grow it out faster. Hope that the above Tips to make your hair grow faster will help you to avoid your hair damage and see your hair growing longer and faster.

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